Getting back on stage.

I miss acting. Last year was less project-heavy, and the projects I did have focused mainly on sound design and music composition. I did perform a lot last year thanks to the wonderful Arlene Paculan who took me in as her “band”, and also started DJing outside of the usual private events and weddings, but there’s a difference between doing either of those and acting. And I’ve missed it.

But this year is starting to gear up in a performance direction that is getting me back on stage. I’ll be doing a one-day, two-show remount of a show I did in Fall 2011 later this spring. I’ve also been offered a chance at a lead role for a film with a story that caught my attention. And just recently, I was asked to read for a script that could turn into something fun for 2014 after developmental processes going on this year.

And I should note, as I have in a previous post, that these all came my way this month, continuing my seemingly lucky streak of work since moving downtown over 3 years ago. (I’m still knocking on wood all the time, hoping this isn’t just an extended hot streak and actually a developing career.) I always wonder how crazy my schedule would be if I actually hustled and bustled to get work like many of my successful peers, and how much further along I’d be as a professional. Then again, I also wonder if projects would still come my way as they do now if I didn’t do things as relaxed as I have. I mean, I have friends who just always assume that I’m busy and therefore don’t reach out as much as they could. Would that same thought extend to my working peers?

Probably not. When I get offers, the emails always inquire about my availability regardless, so it doesn’t seem like those same assumptions are being made (thankfully). But really, I should be hustling more to get on star more often. I know part of that hustle is acquiring an agent as a resource. I really have no excuse for being without one. I used to say that I was too busy o get one, but realistically, having an agent is essentially expanding my team, and therefore freeing up more time to do what I do. I think I just had this delusion of grandeur that I’d be flooded with auditions and interviews, but that’s not definitely not the case, according to my agent-having friends. I need to get on it. My vision board says so.

Stage, I’ll be seeing you soon for a non-music engagement. Let’s get together way more often, though.


– Mickey

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