Sometimes you just have to party it out.

The title pretty much says it all. No matter how your week went, good or bad, sometimes all there is to do is to party it out. You could be celebrating a great week where you accomplished a lot, hit all of your goals, and just want to keep the good vibes coming. Maybe it was a really crappy work week. Maybe things didn’t go your way and it felt like no matter what you did, the universe just wouldn’t get on your side. You probably just want to wash that all away to start fresh after the weekend. You need to party it all out.

As I’m writing this, at the end of a pretty good week on all fronts, I’m actually on my way to catch DJ Green Lantern at The Hoxton in Toronto. (Thank goodness for WordPress’ app and new autosave feature.) My friend, J-Lah is the opening DJ so I originally was checking out this show to support him (and see Green Lantern for the first time) but my roommate had the need to go to a “crazy” party, so I invited her along. What better way to support one friend by bringing along another? And what better way to party it all out by dancing to some great DJs?

That’s how I’ve decided to get into my weekend. But partying it all out can be done with more than a club experience. Maybe it’s a night out for karaoke-in-a-box. Maybe it’s cosmic bowling. It could be a night at a friend’s place playing board games or Cards Against Humanity. (Snakes and Lattes, I see you.) Maybe it’s some beers at a poker night. Whatever it is for you, don’t forget that sometimes, you just have to jump in, indulge, an enjoy yourself.

Celebrate the good. Erase the crappy. Party it all out. Happy weekend. Better start to your new week.

– Mickey

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