The wanderlust strikes.

So apparently everyone is travelling out of town or out of country within the next few weeks. Except for me.

I’m (humourously) jealous of my friends and family who are leaving soon or have been travelling already this year — one of my favourite people has been on more trips in 3 months than I’ve been in two years — because of their ability to include travel as part of their career or personal time. In essence, I wish I could be in as stable a monetary position as they must be in order to afford to do that. I mean, I was offered earlier this year to join a March Break trip to Mexico, and while I could have spent the money on that trip, I decided to be smarter about it and save it.

But that responsible side is starting to wear down. In the past couple of days, I’ve nearly impulse purchased two items of expensive electronics. I had to talk myself out of it and force the realization that they would be unnecessary redundancies in my current setup. I’d be doing it just for things to be slightly more convenient, and the expense is too high to justify such a marginal improvement. But the impulse is still there, so I’m starting to wonder if I should just put it into some travel time. I know the responsible thing to do is to continue saving and paying down my debt. And at this point, I think that’s going to happen, but if I do lapse, it better be on an awesome trip.

I’ve got my list of places in my head. I think it’s time I organize it all on paper and see what is the most feasible at this time of the year. Actually, I’d probably be aiming for something later in the year, unless I can squeeze in something in late May. I’ve been staring at so many travel photos of beautiful locations, landscapes, and buildings, it might be interesting to research some photo-journal trips. Or perhaps a meditation retreat somewhere in the wild. Or maybe some sort of comic/gaming convention. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those, especially one that would require a road trip. I’ve got a friend at PAX right now, and a part of me just wants to jump into the photos he keeps posting so that I can teleport to the convention.

I don’t know. It seems like the universe is telling me I should travel by showing me how easy it is through all of my closest friends and family taking off all before the first half of the year is even done.

Get me a transporter. NOW.

– Mickey

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