The tease of spring.

It seems that every year, the season of Spring in Toronto likes to arrive in different forms. Last year, it decided to show up wearing Summer’s clothes (or lack thereof). This year, it’s hard to say if it has really shown up at all, save for the last couple of days that have started out beautiful and then turn into Winter once the sun is on its way down. I remember one spring that brought a thunderstorm with it, complete with heavy downpour and a lightning show to really emphasize the fact that we are indeed in a change of season.

Spring is really a teaser, to me, though. I’m a Winter/Summer kind of guy, even though I was born in the Fall and look forward to that birthday celebration and ramp up to Christmas every year. But I enjoy the sports and activities that accompany the two extremes of Winter and Summer. Sure, the Spring brings the Blue Jays back, both the birds and the team, and the Fall means hockey and the Leafs are back (when not in a lockout situation), but whenever in these transitional seasons, it just makes me look forward to the sun or the snow, every year. I don’t know if I’d only want Winter and Summer around because I do like when the year actually has four different, distinct-feeling seasons, but I find that it’s in the Winter and Summer that I find myself more active.

At least, I think that’s the case. This year, so far, has kind of been non-stop (in a good way) with projects on the go and shows and gigs popping up on their own. But in the extreme seasons, I find myself wanting to be more active — P90X was a Winter startup — and in the transitional seasons, I want to get more things done around the house, my business, and just my overall organization. Spring cleaning is definitely a ritual of mine and based on a quick glance around my room, that urge is knocking heavily at my bedroom door. And in the fall, I usually get more reflective, thinking about what my year has been like so far and pondering what’s to come for the last few months of the year and, of course, the new year. (As with many others, it’s also when I start planning — well, lightly planning, anyway — the good ol’ Christmas shopping list. But I usually still execute the actual shopping mid-December.)

But again, Spring has been teasing us here in Toronto. It has been, even through the Winter. We had a couple of days that were worthy of a cool Summer, that all of a sudden transformed into snowfall. Just a few days ago, I was a tiny bit up north visiting one of my best friends and it was a bearable cool in the morning. By afternoon, it was bone-chilling. Again, Spring being that tease that it seems to enjoy so much around these parts.

It has been a while since I’ve felt the seasons as their clear separate selves, dividing up their shifts throughout the year more or less evenly. It’s definitely not doing that this year, so far, but we’ll see how the next week goes into April. There’s still hope for you yet, properly quartered year of seasons.

(Though I have a feeling you’ll be more like this, 2013.)

– Mickey

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