The anticipation of a working day off.

I don’t know about you, but there are some days off that I look forward to solely because I know that I can get a lot done by not being committed to a work shift. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy actual days off where I can relax and pretty much do nothing. I love those days, and having at least one of those every two weeks, if not every week, definitely contributes to my ability to not stress over things most of the time. I get compliments, followed by questions, about how I can keep cool and composed in situations that seem really intense and overwhelming, and I usually tell people that having a real regular day off to relax, reflect, and meditate can work wonders for your stress levels and your focus.

But sometimes, there are those days off where the errand list comes first and working hard throughout the day to make that list disappear is all you can think about from the moment you’re done your work shift the day before. That’s me, right now, writing this post. There a lot of things that I want to do on my day off to the point that it’s not really a day off. It’s more of a day focused on my own “work” as opposed to being on the clock for someone else.

Grocery shopping, laundry, going to the bank, washing the car, cleaning my room, cleaning the garage, cleaning the house, cleaning everything. These are the types things I look forward to on these working days off. And for me, I always try to aim to get these things done early in the day so that I can have some actual time to power off and just read, or catch up on my favourite shows and movies, or play video games and just relax. Usually, I’ll find time to play some piano or guitar, maybe write some songs, but I have to be careful (not really) to make sure that I don’t too carried away and turn it into work (which never happens because when I work on music, it never feels like work, which is why I’m trying to make a sustainable career out of it).

And on that day before (which is today) I get excited thinking about the working day off. It’s got a tinge of the night before Christmas excitement mixed in with the feeling you get after finishing your Christmas shopping (or to go even further, the feeling after you’ve finished wrapping said presents). You star the day pumped up and ready to go, and once it’s all done, it feels like such an accomplishment. A productive day off is one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s as if you conquered laziness and lethargy and climbed a mountain and planted your flag.

And to reward yourself after, I would encourage you to have an actual day off the next time you have a day off. Spend time with the family, go for a walk or a bike ride, or just sleep-in and watch TV in bed all day. Remember, balancing work and life is more than just balancing your time at your job and your time at home. The time you make for yourself to relax and reflect is a real indication of that balance. Plan it in your schedule. You are not your job and it isn’t everything.

Enjoy your days off, working or otherwise.

Day Off

– Mickey

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