Laughing makes everything better.

I love to laugh. People who know me know that the easiest way to spot me in an audience is to just listen for my laugh. It’s loud, full, boisterous, and definitely contagious. When I go see plays, the cast and/or crew who know me will often joke that I should get free tickets to the show every night just for the laughter. (I’d take that deal in an instant if it ever followed through.) It’s my favourite workout. It’s the best core exercise, especially when you break out into the laughter that doesn’t even have any sound. You’re laughing so hard that you can’t breathe and your gut is on fire in the best way.

They say it’s the best medicine (other than real medicine) but I also think that laughter just makes things better in general. I notice it whenever I’m interacting with someone, say goodbye with a laugh, and then start up another interaction right after. That energy and vibrance carries through into the next conversation, and it can carry a streak for a surprisingly long run sometimes. I definitely notice it when I play competitive video games. If I’m on a team where everybody’s a joker and there’s nothing but laughing at nonsense non-stop, I play at my best. It’s as if the relaxing, and simultaneously energizing result of laughter makes me focus on my performance without trying to focus on my performance. “Have fun with it” is one of the best ways I can describe it. It’s not as if you don’t care if you win or lose, because you still want to win. But it’s just that it puts you in that state of euphoria where even losing isn’t so bad. And where there’s no pressure to win, there’s a place of serenity, full of laughter, and a full release of your skill and ability as a player. Sure, sometimes pure focus and determination will win you games, but I guarantee that it won’t be as fun or enjoyable as going on a win streak where the highlights of the game were all the quips and comebacks of ridiculousness between teammates and friends. I love letting out the laughter over the headset, and it’s so contagious when you hear it that it cycles endlessly.

I’ll never understand why people feel the need to suppress their laughter at all times. I mean, I understand where that odd defence mechanism comes from, usually, but I’ve always thought that if someone can let out their laughter to it’s full potential, it will basically break them out of that shell of needing to keep it all inside.

Let it out. Laugh like a maniac at funny things or even just mildly funny things. Sometimes it’s fun force the laughter, because before you know it, you start laughing for real at the insanity of it all. Often times, those quiet, abdominal muscle building laughs come from some of the most simple things observed and escalated into a riot of laughs. I remember laughing so hard at a dinner one time because of a stupid build-up of ridiculous things we should use as a tip for our servers (full wallets and ID cards and candles included in the absurdity…but don’t worry, we gave them a real tip.)

Laughter makes everything better. Laugh at yourself, too. It’s an awesome way to brush off any negative feelings. Laugh it up.

– Mickey

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3 thoughts on “Laughing makes everything better.

  1. jefftds says:

    You laugh is infectious. Thanks for this. I’ll laugh it up today I think. šŸ˜€

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