That holiday weekend feeling.

There’s always a unique feeling when it comes to a stat holiday. It’s a feeling that you get only when you realize that this day will have a different vibe, a different energy from most days. It’s an intriguing sensation that you feel through your mind and your body. It’s a sense of anticipation for free time if you’re working a shift on these kinds of days because when you’re done, it’s usually earlier than regular hours and you’ve got the rest of the early evening and late night to do whatever you want.

And the funny thing about it is that even if you have to work the next day, let’s say a Saturday of said holiday long weekend, it still somehow doesn’t stop this feeling from coming up. Clearly, in speaking from experience as this was exactly my situation from Friday into Saturday and will continue to be my situation from Saturday into Sunday. Even on long weekends, I’m still working, making that time and a half cash flow. But I’ll still feel that holiday feeling as if I’ll actually get as long a break as the rest of the people I see enjoying their days off.

It’s strange because you’d think it would be an experiencing that would cause feelings of jealousy and longing. You would think that watching and helping people on their holiday would just make you upset that you have to work. But it doesn’t feel like that for me. Working on a holiday in my position is usually really energetic, either because I know I’m on a team who just wants to make the best of an insanely day, or because what I’m doing is exciting and fun due to the fact that it brings out more people on the holiday. As an entertainer and a retail worker in a tourist destination, both of these realities are my own, and it kind of transforms the normal excitement of a holiday. You’re not just excited to attend a holiday event, you’re pumped to be an integral part of it.

Just some random thoughts after a successful DJ set at Andy Poolhall. Happy Easter, y’all. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.


– Mickey

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