What nonsense word did I just write up there? Well, it’s a fulfillment of a direct request from my little sister  — she’s my cousin, but she might as well be my adopted sister — to write about our family get together for Easter. And this year, that family get together included a lengthy session of Boggle. And now I’m blogging about Boggle. Bloggle. (Admit it, you giggled a little.)

If there’s one thing that I love about hanging out with my family — let’s face it, there’s really many things — it’s the fact that, no matter what the occasion, there is always really loud laughter (which explains a lot about me based on a recent previous post) and that normally comes into play during some sort of game or competition. It’s always been this way with my family. I remember being a kid and being excited that the mah-jong table was coming out because I knew that if my parents were playing mah-jong then it must be because my aunts and uncles were coming over which of course meant that I’d get to play with my cousins. And while the mahjong table doesn’t come out as often anymore, the “kids” (some of which now also have kids) are still excited to get together because now we provide the community gaming experience.

For this Easter, it was Boggle. Normally, I wouldn’t be too excited to play Boggle, especially after spending Saturday evening before my gig playing one of the best games ever, Cards Against Humanity, with my other family, but with five players already enthralled by the game and an empty seat with my name on it, I couldn’t turn it down. And truthfully, it was a grand ol’ time. We played with a scoring system of most rounds won (as opposed to total points) which meant going head-to-head with my little sister’s little sister multiple times in a tie break. We pretty much just made up the rules for the tie break rounds, including “Longest Word in 30 Seconds” and “1-Minute Speed Round”. In fact, her and I were winning so much that we were completely shutting out three others at the table in terms of score. (We had to do a head-to-head Boggle battle between the last two players to go without winning a round to see who the final “loser” was in our rankings.)

The laughter and hilarity came from the number of made up words that more than one player would have sometimes have, the discovery of words we thought weren’t real but turned out to be real, and of course, the really obvious or awesomely not-obvious words that everyone but one player missed. My personal favourite, however, was the “are you sure that word was there?” skepticism which, for the most part, resulted from a clear case of somebody imagining that letters were connected, but were in fact a “jump” away. (This happened more than once. From the same person. And that same person happened to lose the “loser” battle. LOL.)

All in all, it was a wonderful evening full of laughs, smiles, delicious turkey, my littlest best friend, and Boggle. I can’t wait until the next get together. Maybe I’ll bring Ticket To Ride. Or Cards Against Humanity. (We’ll just have the parents go play mahjong if I bring that.)

And that’s today’s Bloggle. Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

– Mickey

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