Lose and lose again. It’s good for you.

With the Jays losing their season opener, I realized that there was themed bookend to my day. I started out with an early shift where a very un-busy workplace meant some of us watching Starcraft II tournament live streams from Korea. And the night brought a Jays loss before bed.

Losing. It’s the best thing to happen to you, almost every time. One of my friends at work was talking game strategies with another friend and they were trying to figure out how to counter certain enemy strategies. The better of the two mentioned that losing is the best way to improve at any game. As long as you’re paying attention, every loss is another lesson in what not to do to win. And eventually, you’ll have lost in so many possible ways that the only way left that you know how to play is to win.

It’s how I got better at some major skills I use in my many crafts. It’s how I got better at Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. It’s how I got better at rebutting points and providing sound advice. I had to make a lot of mistakes and lose many battles of many minds in order to grow and to learn firsthand what a losing strategy feels like, as opposed to just reading a tutorial. And now I carry both the confidence for the win, but the openness to losing, because every loss is a huge opportunity to re-analyze what you’re doing, and to figure out what patterns of behaviour to break.

Lose. Don’t be afraid to lose. Be excited for the fact that anything can happen to anyone at anytime and that you’ll never get near your own expectations if you never give it a shot.

Sure there’s risk. But with risk comes reward. And a loss always has the reward of reflection.

– Mickey

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