The eventful day: a reminder of why I do what I do.

As much as this blog started out as just a mind dump and a challenge to write every day for a year, I’ve tried my best not to just turn it into a journal. Many of my entries attempt to teach and inspire you, the reader — thank you for stopping by — to grow, be motivated, and to live as much of a stress-free or stress-reduced life as possible. But, I think today I get to give a little bit of a recap because of the fact that it was packed with exactly the things I’m trying to do regularly as a career.

It started out in the studio, with my musical partner-in-crime, Arlene Paculan. We’ve been working on her upcoming EP with a great, friendly producer and engineer, and we had some drum edits to discuss during the session. It was a pretty laid back setting, with me just guiding our engineer as to what needed to be fixed and changed and Arlene giving the final stamp of approval and keeping us on task. As a producer/engineer myself, whenever I have to instruct others who do this full-time, I always feel like I have to tread lightly when discussing changes to stems and mixes so as not to offend or belittle their skill and intelligence. And every time I feel that feeling, it turns out to be completely unnecessary (at least in my experience so far). Every one I’ve worked with has always been understanding and patient. I should really let those experiences sink in so that I stop getting into that weird habit. Because truthfully, once I communicate my needs with confidence, the process just flies by and efficiency shows its way in. Solid instruction, solid session.

The day moved back to my bedroom studio where we practiced a couple of songs that we’ll be performing for my Dad’s 55th birthday party this weekend. It’s going to be a laid-back and relaxed event with family and friends, and I’ve been assigned to direct the entertainment for the afternoon/evening. Arlene and I will be playing a short set and then we’ll be joined by my brother and his girlfriend to play a couple of covers as a full band. It’ll be a fun night, and probably an early one too as we’re starting the event in the late afternoon. I’m looking forward to getting on the drums — specifically my shiny new drum set that has yet to be played live — and to getting on the bass live for the first time in over a year (I think).

Next, I was off to an improv session/screen test for a film in which I’ve been asked to take a lead role. I haven’t done improv on stage or in front of the camera in a very long time, so I was glad that I was playing alongside an experienced sketch comedy and improv artist. It was easy and fun to play and riff off of what he was giving out, and as these kinds of things always seem to do, it reminded me of how much I love to act. I love to play and perform and I want more experience playing for the camera, so this was a perfect event to finish off my eventful day. Hopefully, this turns into a continuing gig because I know it would be a lot of fun and a great experience to take in, every time.

This entire day reminded me that I’m doing what I do because I love it and it makes me happy. Music is my life. Acting is my soul. Performing is my career. A long, successful career in performance is my dream. If everyday were more like this, (and I could sustain myself because of it,) I’d be an extremely happy dude.

Get to doing what you love, already. Stop settling.

Also, is anyone else as excited about Iron Man 3 as I am?

– Mickey

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