Simon’s Five Second Impulse Rule.

To start, a very happy birthday to my dear friend and former roommate bro, Simon. This post is dedicated to him and everything that he taught me about the universe within and without, both directly and indirectly. Here’s to many more years of learning something new everyday through meditation.

And as a tribute to the birthday boy, I’m going to share my thoughts about one of his recent posts, which explains an idea that I know I’ll be trying sometime in the next few weeks, if not days. His post speaks of the idea of following your impulses within a five second window. He states that if you’re suddenly inspired to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for a while but kept putting off, then decide to do it within five seconds. The reasoning behind this is that the brain likes patterns and the status quo. Like much of nature, it follows the path of least resistance.

And I couldn’t agree more. In relation to this, I’ve read an article about consumers who were surveyed a fee days after making a significant purchase at a big box store. The results showed that people who made their purchase on impulse were much happier with their decision than those who decided to wait, think, and decide later. So it doesn’t surprise me that it would be easier to follow through with an impulse in a short amount of time as opposed to a longer, pondering amount of time.

Now that’s not to say that all impulse-based decisions should be done in five seconds. There are definitely choices you have to make in life that needs to be fleshed out, split into a pros and cons list. But when you have the sudden urge to make that phone call, buy that random girl a coffee, or say “I love you”, challenge your brain to grow and do it in five seconds. We have all been in situations where the heart races, the adrenaline pumps, and you just want to let all your feelings be known and if we wait too long, we feel like it’s not worth it to say. But if you don’t take the risk, the reward will never be discovered and achieved.

Take risks. Follow your impulses and motivations within five seconds and see where the universe takes you. I’ll be doing the same thing (and I’ll let y’all know how it goes.)

Happy birthday, Simon


– Mickey

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One thought on “Simon’s Five Second Impulse Rule.

  1. jefftds says:

    Legit. Putting into practice. P.S. Let’s hang soon. 😀

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