The live show effect.

I had the pleasure of catching two live shows in one night with some more great company, continuing what seems to be a streak of fun, eventful, and entertaining nights this week.

First, I went to Comedy Bar to catch Bad Dog Theatre’s fantasy improv show, D&D Live: The Sword of T’Rannah. Now, I love improv. It was my passion in high school as I was captain and coach of my school’s team for the Canadian Improv Games. However, I haven’t really kept up with my skills since then, and I haven’t watched much professional improv outside of the games either. So to watch this show, which was hilarious and whose outcomes were decided upon audience members rolling a gigantic twenty-sided die, made me really miss and want to jump on the improv train once again. I was there with my good friends from work, and we all play D&D together, and when this show announced, I knew it was something we had to see. There’s a good chance that we’ll be back for Campaign 3.

After some dinner, and watching the remainder of the Leafs game at the same bar, I made my way over to Cameron House to catch some local live music with one of the best. She invited me to watch a great country-folk act, Ben Kunder. Beautiful voice with lots of feeling, an awesome band backing him up, and almost all of them doing backup vocals (sometimes even lead) as they played their instruments made for a wonderful part two of my night with my closest of close. Watching and listening to the live music made me realize how much I need to step up my process and production of my album/EP set to release this October. It gave me a lot of ideas for lyrics and progressions, and style choices that might be worth exploring as I continue to create whatever this is that I’m creating. I probably won’t go full-Country on you folks, but this show really reminded me of Nashville and I think the music on that TV show is better written than most songs on the radio.

Two live shows featuring two of my life’s passions. The immediate effect of both made me want to jump into performance mode right then and there, twice. I’ve got a couple of events lined up, but nothing of my own stuff, so I should be taking this to a higher gear and really start pulling this release all together soon. And I need to get on that agent search to help with getting back to acting. Vision board, I haven’t forgotten you.

There’s nothing like seeing people doing what you love live on stage to stoke that fire.

– Mickey

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