The family you join.

I’ve talked about the family we’re born into and the family we choose. But for some of us who are lucky enough, there’s another family that you join. It might start out as just another team you have to work with, but when everything clicks and the circumstances are right, that team becomes something much more.

I work part-time with a very large group of people, all of whom I can easily call my family. Every single person there, including many of those who have moved on to bigger and better things, have helped to me to grow as not only a member of this company, but as a person. I’ve always been a confident guy, never backing away from a challenging situation or a performance opportunity, but I can definitely attribute this team to the increase in my confidence when it comes to confrontations, presentations, and simply the ability to build rapport with complete strangers every day. They encourage, motivate, and inspire me to be better than yesterday every day through their sheer talent, hard work, and openness. And while I’m definitely closer to some of them than others — even relatives are in situations like that — it’s amazing how easy it is to hang out and spend time with any of them.

We all got to spend some time together tonight, and it was a spectacular evening. There were laughs galore, creative talent in abundance, live music and even a short dance party. I was behind the turntables and the drums, and it was a pleasure to play for this other other family of mine. The smiles, the laughter and the overall feeling of celebration and togetherness is something that I never expected from this position that was originally just a shot in the dark for a little extra income. It’s one of the best unexpected bonuses I could hope for in a team like this.

You all know who you are. Thank you for being such a wonderful family to walk into and become a part of. I’m always learning from you all, and I love spending time with you on and off the clock. Friends. Family. For real.

– Mickey

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