Stuck again. (Or Round 2 vs. Writer’s Block.)

I’m stuck again. Not bad considering that the last time I had a block was about two months ago. I could just write about what I did for the day but really it was just work. Half of it was a new (temporary) task that I’m helping out with but getting paid to do it. It’s fun because I get to be a bit creative and choose photos to create a storyline of sorts and its easy because its really just hanging out with my friend at an awesome condo/loft-y space while listening to music and sorting through beautiful pictures. The other half was at my usual retail job.

Oh, I guess I could tell you that I was recently promoted at that retail place. Well, more of a move of position — a lateral promotion, if you will — that I’ve been working on achieving for about 9 months now. I finally put myself in a position (with hard work and development) where moving me to that position was a no-brainer. And that’s always a good feeling when people you work with and work for recognize your dedication and talent. Now, my full skill-set can be used effectively in the best place I can be to help the location. And because I’m exactly where I want to be, it makes coming into work much more exciting.

Also, how quickly is May approaching? Did we not just get into April? I mean I pretty much live by the adage “time flies when you’re having fun” but this feels like warping through the month rather than flying. Though I suppose it has been a very eventful month, looking back at my posts, particularly a couple of weeks ago. It’s a weird feeling, this time thing. Right now it feels like May I’d way too close, but it also feels like everything I’ve done this month has felt like months ago. It ain’t linear, I tell ya.

I guess I just had to admit that I was stuck to make things happen again, in terms of writing. It was kind of stream of consciousness writing I guess, or I suppose a review of things I haven’t written, but if that’s all it takes, then that’s all it takes. Get stuck, admit it, write anything, get unstuck. Easy enough, right?

Random drawing depicting how the five-second rule works:

– Mickey

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