The board game effect: advanced mode.

I had the pleasure of a somewhat surprise visit from two awesome friends from university — one of which I’ll be collaborating with on some music, so stay tuned — who happen to also be friends of my roommate and his girlfriend by sheer coincidence. (I’m always in awe when that happens, and truly believe that this world is extremely small.) It was another board game night, and that pretty much had the night automatically going into the “great” category.

They brought over The Walking Dead: The Board Game and I will probably be purchasing this sometime Sunday. It’s a game that is both simple and complex, and those are the types of games that I love. It’s as difficult as you want it to be, but it can also throw you for loops like you wouldn’t believe. I should note that this is the game based on the graphic novel, not the TV show, because as I just discovered via Google Image search (for the end of this post) there are different games for both. (And I highly recommend this one based off of said image search and my experience playing this game.)

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple. The objective is to be the first to scout three locations. Movement is limited per turn and based on wherever you’d like to move. However, the key to success in this game is to be resourceful. Literally. The more resources you have (gas, food, ammo) the better chances you have to survive. The same goes with your followers. Yes, just like the story, you gain followers as you traverse through Georgia. And as you traverse, you actually leave zombies in your wake, so if you needed to go back to a certain space on the board, you may have to clear out the zombies first. Sound like any zombie apocalypse scenario you know? Exactly. The complexity of it lies a lot in the realm of chance, but also in how you choose to play the game, as you can form alliances but also choose to screw said alliances and leave them. There are even opportunities and abilities that allow you to steal resources from other players, if you choose. If you can imagine the zombie apocalypse distilled into a board game, this is very much the awesome result.

And I think because it’s a zombie game, it makes it feel like the stakes are that much higher. And that makes the gameplay more intense. All we needed was an epic soundtrack.

Hey, I guess I just reviewed a board game. Play on, folks. Play on.

– Mickey

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