XXL to M: The completion of P90X (Round 1)

I had an early morning shift and, in my rush to get to work on time, I forgot my uniform shirt. This isn’t really a big deal as we usually have some spare shirts kicking around the back just in case of situations like this one. When I got to work, however, the only sizes they had left were Extra Small and Medium. Now me, liking my XXL shirts more 90 days ago than I do today, thought that M would be too tight a shirt, even with my new body. I threw it on, and it was tight to get it over, but once it was on, to my surprise, it fit. And it wasn’t that tight. I went to the washroom to make sure it was sitting right and adjusted it and even then, from front and from the side, it fit. And not only that, but it made me realize, visually, that my upper body has a bit of a V-shape to it.

Holy crap. My shirt size is Medium again.

That’s one of the biggest achievements, for me anyway, in my completion of my first round of P90X. And that’s not to take away from all the other crazy changes I’ve experienced throughout this leg of the journey: weighing in 35 pounds lighter than Day 1, finally able to do a pull-up with no assistance, running without feeling exhausted after a minute, seeing noticeable growth and definition in muscles, eating better than before and more balanced than ever before, having more energy than I know what to do with, seeing situations with more focus and better perception, and just overall enjoying everything more. It’s just that the last time I was at this weight and size, the big indicator of reaching my goal was the change in my clothing. But this time, I have the energy and passion to keep going and not just maintain where I was before.

The P90X program works. It gets results. But the real key to it is that it’s still all up to you. What you put into it is what you get out of it. As cliché as it is, it’s the truth. And what that entails is not only exercising every day, but also eating better, eating for energy, and fuelling yourself for your workouts. I hesitated to use the nutrition guide in the first week, but decided to jump into it and found out that, according to my measurements, the calories I had to take-in were actually more than I could handle. So I had to adjust it down, and I still found that it was a lot of food. This diet isn’t a diet as you would normally think of it. It’s just better eating instead of less eating. You have to eat fuel your workouts, and you don’t want to fuel your workouts with crap just like you wouldn’t run a Mercedes-Benz with regular lawnmower gas. Your body is a luxury car, a temple, a rainforest. Take care of it.

But what’s next? Well, round 2, of course! As has been recommended to me, this week has pretty much been a break from the program (recovery week included) and I’ve just been keeping moderately active. It feels weird, as I just want to jump into workouts right now, but the rest is really recommended for better results in the second round. That doesn’t mean I can’t go out and do other things — I’ll probably hit up rock climbing sometime this week or some other fun physical activity (like parkour in Toronto?) — it just means that I’m giving my body a chance to rest and re-focus.

But I’ve still got a lot of work to do, and if the changes through this round were any indication, I’m going to new levels I’ve never seen before in my own personal fitness. (Visual abdominal muscles on me? Never has happened before, but I have a feeling the first-time-for-everything axiom is going to come true by August.)

Proof is in the pudding. Or the pictures. Again, there is still work to be done, but round 2, be prepared. Mickey is coming.



– Mickey

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4 thoughts on “XXL to M: The completion of P90X (Round 1)

  1. Amazing man! looking goos! stoked to be doing this with you soon!

  2. Woo hoo!!! CONGRATS! And what an inspiration!

  3. Tap says:

    Just stop with the inspiration already, you’re getting along so well. Big ups!

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