The buzz of spring and summer.

I don’t know what it is right now, but in Toronto, you can feel the excitement of spring and summer. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so teased and tormented with cold days and snow in the middle of April, and now we’re feeling the reprieve. Maybe it’s because NHL playoffs actually mean something to us this year and we’re all excited to see our Blue & White back in the post-season. Maybe it’s just the sunlight and the warmth, but whatever it is, I’m glad it’s here.

I’ve posted about spring and all that I enjoy about it and what it brings. One thing that’s starting to happen, as it does pretty predictably every year, is that my project inbox starts to overflow. Offers start coming way, I start taking on interesting project posts from friends in need, and I really start to get the hard-working me in gear. I find that I’m more quick and agile at handling tasks when the sun is out. Even though I do most of my work indoors with pretty much no sunlight coming in, just seeing it during my commute and knowing that it’s warming up the day gets me energized to get work done. Maybe it’s because I just want to get out into the nice weather that I suddenly become better at finishing my tasks quickly with higher quality results, but either way, I’m at my most efficient when the forecasts are being friendly.

Of course there’s also spring cleaning that gets me going in these seasons. The renewal of spring is a beautiful thing and it usually means the re-organizing of my entire life, but a big part of that is the re-organizing of my room, workspace, and digital inboxes and storage. Part of that this year will be going through my closet to sift out the clothes that are officially too big for me now. I’m hoping that by doing this, it’ll force me to never go back to that bigger, much less fit, lazy guy who used those clothes. I’ll probably still keep the t-shirts and the hoodies, because I like having those pretty big and some of them are just too awesome to give away — I’ll keep them for my hip-hop self — but I’m pretty set on wearing those older (and also recently purchased) better fitting clothes. (It still hasn’t sunken in that the right shirt size for me is Medium. Jeepers.)

Keeping in line with the healthier, fitter, more athletic me, I’m ready to get into sports again. It has been far too long since I’ve played basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, and pretty much any other sport you can think of. I recently responded to a friend who was looking for a tennis partner and we’re aiming to play at least once a week. There was one year, a few years ago, when my brother and I learned how to play tennis — thanks, YouTube! — and we tried to play anytime we could. There were nights where we would play until the lights went out on the public courts. We even signed up for a winter tennis membership in our hometown so we could play in that big bubble dome. I always lost to him, but it has still been one of my favourite sports to play. (I’d like to think that I could beat him now, but I’ll wait for the end of this second go at P90X before I test out that theory. And yes, we really did learn how to play tennis from internet videos. We even took real classes afterwards and we were more advanced than what that instructor taught us.)

Excitement is in the air, folks. And it’s all because the sun is back in charge.

– Mickey

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