Moving methods.

Since moving to Toronto almost 4 years ago, I’ve helped many friends move in, out of, and around the city. And every time I’m asked I always slightly hesitate to say yes, kind of dreading the work that has to be done on their big day. But once that day arrives and I’m up early ready to join a group of rock star moving buddies, I realize it’s not so bad and can actually be fun. (Plus, it’s a bit of workout, and we all know how I feel about those, now.)

I’ll admit, it’s probably more fun for the people helping with the move than the people actually moving. (I’d say its more fun unpacking and setting up the new place than it is lugging it over.) And regardless of the level of ease and organization of the move — I’ve seen some expertly organized and some very impromptu-style moves — the fun comes with the company. I do a lot of laughing while helping with a move and it’s all because of the awesome friends also helping out. There’s always something to laugh about, and as you get more tired, everything seems funnier, and it definitely helps to keep up that kind of spirit to help with what is most likely an exciting yet stressful time for the people moving into their new place.

I also like how much problem solving has to be done during a move. I don’t like the problems in particular — the easier move, the better, of course — but I do enjoy having to think logically (and often laterally) in certain situations. Maybe it’s a couch that won’t fit through a door way one way, but when rotated can just barely make it through (or maybe it has to be lowered from the second floor with rope, true story). Often, it’s how to pack the truck and how to make real-life use of your awesome Tetris skills. (This usually carries on to the elevator if it’s an apartment move.) Sometimes, it’s the discovery that an item you’ve owned for so long actually does fold or break down into smaller, more pack able pieces or shapes than you thought. Whatever it is, there’s something new to learn and some new way of looking at things when it comes to moving.

I don’t like having to move often, but if friends are in need, and I’m not already booked, chances are I’ll be there. But the plan for me is that my next move will be into a place that I own.

– Mickey

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