And I missed it .

Yes, Free Comic Book Day came and went and I was empty-handed by the end of it because of work and rehearsal (but it was a very fun rehearsal, and I love playing music so no regrets there!), but this time next year, you can be sure I’ll be in line to get my fix of graphic novel greatness.

I’ve always loved comics, I’ve just never owned a lot of them. As a kid, I was a big fan of my cousins who loved comics and introduced me to superheroes and many other cool things at the time. So, of course, if my cousins loved comics, I loved comics. In fact, my one and only visit to a comic convention was at the invitation of my cousin. It was one of the most fun experiences I remember as a kid that didn’t involve an amusement park. I don’t recall how much cosplay went on back then, but I do remember the massive amounts of posters and action figures I wanted and, of course, the mountains of comic books. I remember leaving there with a short stack of books, one of them signed, and an X-Men anniversary poster that is currently to my left as I write this blog. (I had it mounted as I did most of my posters when I was a kid. (Ah, the perks of having a graphic designer mother with access to print houses and framers.) I still have those issues tucked away in a tin box at my parents’ house and have just recently acquired more over the past year or so to add to the collection.

For a while I was a regular Wizard subscriber. I originally read that magazine for the price guides, but then I realized it was a great way to catch a glimpse of what was happening in the comic world without having to dive into the comics themselves, which required money that I did not have at the time. See, as much as I love comics to this day, my problem is that I don’t know where to start. With a lot of the classic favourites from Marvel and DC, as much as I’d love to be able to start from the very beginning, that was not really a feasible option and still really isn’t one. Yes, the digital option is becoming more and more viable — I actually own upwards of 700 digital comics thanks to comiXology’s 700 #1’s giveaway — but then I find myself stuck between collector and reader.

I think my ideal would be to own the omnibus editions of a lot of series. As much as I’d like to be a collector, I don’t know if I could stretch myself any thinner to dive into another passion like that. (Remember that problem I have where I buy entertainment and never open it? I have comics that are already in that category as it stands.) I’d rather just enjoy the artwork and the stories of a series in one bound copy, as I do enjoy having the physical book in my hands. But the sheer amount of stories I want to read and get into are surely in the hundreds. (If only I could take a year off to just read. Sounds heavenly.)

I love comics. I love superheroes. I want to read all the stories. (ALL THE STORIES.) But I have no time because I have all these other wonderful things to do, daily.

Geekiest first world problem ever.

– Mickey

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