Board Game Night: Game of Thrones

Monday has rolled around once again, bringing with it the now slightly-more-popular-than-last-time Board Game Night. It was lovely to have my good friend, Jenna, over once again and it was just as exciting to have some newcomers to the table. And with new faces comes a new game to the rotation.

The Game of Thrones: Board Game is a round-based strategy game introduced to game night by my friend and fellow D&D campaigner, Sean. This is not a simple game. Well, it’s simple once you get into it, just like most board games, but it’s quite involved. It took us first timers nearly an hour to setup and learn before we even got to our first round, but once we were into it, it was on.

But I was definitely not on. I love these kinds of games, but I can’t say that I play to win on my first go around. I usually don’t go for the win on the first try, I just try to learn the game, play and observe the more experienced players, and get prepared for the next round. I just didn’t think this learning round would be a four-hour war. I was probably the worse for wear by the end of it all, but Jenna, in true form, almost took it all, requiring a tiebreak rule we had to look up to find out that she was only a stronghold away from a win. (She’s a natural board game talent.)

If you’re a fan of the books or the show, this game gets you into that universe, taking place completely on a map of Westeros, both on land and sea. Each player plays as one of the six houses with claims to the throne, and each house has their advantages and disadvantages. It’s pretty well-balanced, from what I could tell from that single session, but I can see people having their favourite houses to play. I was definitely smoked by a house card that prevented me from stealing a castle that would have stopped the eventual winner, and may have actually setup the total win for Jenna. But again, I was in total learning mode still through the game, so I was the definite non-winner.

I’d love to get better at this game. I love strategy games, but I’ve never been too good at them. Guess I should add it to the board.


– Mickey

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