When sleep is scarce.

It has been an exhausting week or so, now. And I can’t say that it’s because of that for any other reason other than my own doing. Well, that and the weather.

And it’s really the way the weather is affecting me that’s the weird part. I’m used to working on a lot of different projects at once while still holding down more than one job, so I know that’s not it. I’m sure spending the energy on working out every day might contribute to it a bit, but if anything it’s been adding to my ability to do more and not feel drained. At least for today, it feels like it has been the sun that has been tiring me out.

It’s totally strange to me. The sun, as I’ve mentioned before is a supercharger for my everyday. (Well, scientifically, for everyone’s everyday, of course.) It usually gets me pumped for the day and that combine with blue skies usually keep me energized until night rolls around. But for the past few days of glorious sunlight, it has been kind of draining.

And I haven’t even really been outside for an extended amount of time. I know getting too much sun for too long can be tiring, but that’s definitely not what’s happening. It’s just sunlight making me sleepy. I made my way through the beautiful, sun-filled day yawning and nodding off. I had to make an extra effort to not lose focus while on the road to teach out of town and also to not fall asleep on my students. (Even weirder was how the night drive back had my fully awake.)

The sun and lack of sleep, most likely are the culprits. When I hit my bed just to rest for a moment before getting dinner ready, I was in complete shutdown mode. In fact, when I opened my eyes again, it was four hours later and it was 2am.

Sleep, come back to me. You’re in high demand.


– Mickey

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