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Whoa, where’d you go?

Shhh, it’s okay, I’m still here, I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten about you and, more importantly, me and my blog.

Hah, could you imagine if I was that asshole? But seriously, I’m still here. And I’ve got posts for days. (Literally). I’d like to say it was due to a really busy week, but it really wasn’t. A couple of days were definitely too cold to do anything but curl up and watch Netflix. Yes, I could’ve written posts those days, but NETFLIX. Also Sherlock re-runs from…less than legitimate…downloads…but TV IN GENERAL. British TV in general. It’s just so easy to get caught up in it.

I was joking with one of my best friends that I’ve been watching so much BBC content continually that I’ll probably develop an accent. But I want it to happen over a long time. Slow play. So slow and gradual that by the time it’s a full-fledged English accent (complete with research on which street of which city of which region my accent originates from, thank you, Pygmalion) people will have thought that I’ve always had the accent.

That would be fun. I’ve mentioned before that I’m easily influenced by accents when immersed in it that I start to adapt the diction and inflections before the actual pronunciations of specific syllables with language. Then it just kind of falls into place, but in spurts. If I try to force it, it doesn’t stick as well. I can mimic fairly well, but to just know an accent, I’ve yet to try and work on that. I mean, I went to theatre school, but I wasn’t in the acting conservatory, so accents were not on my curriculum, specifically.

Whoa, that was a really random train of thought on accents. Mind Dump indeed.

Oh hey, I met Guillermo Del Toro today. Yes, that Guillermo Del Toro. I don’t like talking about work, or discussing where I work (and if I told you where I worked, you’d understand why immediately after jokingly — but not really jokingly — asking me for a discount on stuff, most likely) but essentially I helped him for an extended period of time and he’s a really nice guy. He’s in Toronto shooting at our very large soundstage by the lake, the same one where he shot Pacific Rim. Again, really nice guy, and it was pleasure meeting him.

And that was basically the highlight of my day and how I’ll always remember it: the day I helped Guillermo Del Toro.

Also, D&D is back! (But more on that later.)



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So many movies to watch.

Yup, I’ve got many movies to watch. My list continually grows and there have been many times where I’ve missed the chance to watch said movies in theatres and have to settle for Blu-Ray. (Yes, Blu-Ray. I love me some HD.)

But I’ve been luckily catching up! I just saw Disney’s Frozen and I really enjoyed it! A big part of that was that Idina Menzel played the Queen who is basically Iceman — as in original part of the X-Men’s Iceman — and her voice is spectacular. (She was the original Elphaba in the Broadway musical Wicked and she’s just a Broadway powerhouse in general.) But it was also full of laughs and great songs (though I wish there were more). If this ends up in a stage version, I’d love to see it, especially if it means those castles in it get built in some form. I’d also immediately visit the expansion of Disney World that would house these castles, because it’s too epic not to visit.

Earlier in the week, I caught Anchorman 2. It had its moments, and I did enjoy it, but it’s pretty hard to re-create the magic that was the first Anchorman. I mean, I’ve seen that movie easily 20 times or more since watching it in university. Plus, all the quotables from the original movie were pretty much a language all on its own that we spoke during Frosh Week. So that, in itself, holds a special place in my heart. Loud noises. I love lamp.

But my list goes on! I’ve got enough Scene points for two more free movies, and one of them will definitely be The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and, if I can still find a theatre playing it, Thor: The Dark World.

And beyond the cinematic adventures upon which I will partake through those movies, I have a number of Blu-Rays that need to…be…unwrapped…and then immediately watched. (In a previous post, I’ve mentioned my problem where I continue to buy new collectible entertainment — video games, books, movies, comics — but never get around to enjoying them before purchasing more. It’s the best problem.)

I really need to get on that two week staycation where all I do is enjoy all of the entertainment I’ve been acquiring over, specifically, the past 5 years. (Or however long it was that I bought Metal Gear Solid 4. Because it’s been since then that I’ve been acquiring all these yet-to-be-enjoyed items.)

I want to overload my brain with entertainment. Books included. Because that’s a healthy and balanced brain diet, right? Cool.

Note: this isn’t MY movie collection, but this is a pretty accurate representation of what I own but have yet to really enjoy. Or at least this looks like what I feel.


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Sometimes all you need is dim sum.

I love dim sum. It’s the best. My favourite part about it, though, isn’t even the food. It’s all about the people. It’s meant to be shared and it’s the quickest way to make a group of friends feel more like family, even when you welcome new friends to the fold.

Dim sum in the winter is especially delicious and enjoyable. There’s something about delicious bite size food keeping you warm in the cold and wet of winter that just makes you forget about the conditions outside. And did I mention the people? They’re the best. You talk about anything and everything at the dim sum table with friends. And you laugh at all of it. And the only silence you experience is the wonderful food silence that happens because all of the delicious occupying your mouth. Ah, food silence. It’s the most comfortable silence in the world.

My advice? Order everything. At least once. I haven’t done it yet, but one day, with a group of dim sum loving friends (read: all friends because who doesn’t love dim sum?), all the items will be on the table. All of them. Even the ones that I don’t like, because someone will inevitably try it and finish it. (Chicken feet lovers, you know who you are.) Admittedly, it’s a little harder on friends who are vegetarian/vegan. Okay, it’s a lot harder for those friends to enjoy it since nearly everything is meat based, but even then they can enjoy a couple of delicious elements of dim sum. Not much of it, unfortunately, but again, it’s about the people you bring to the dim sum table than it is the dim sum.

Don’t get me wrong: bad dim sum sucks. But unless you’re getting dim sum from the wrong places (i.e. not restaurants), it’s really hard to have bad dim sum. Even store bought, frozen-food section dim sum is good in a pinch. Really, there’s just good dim sum and great dim sum.  I don’t even know how I can say that “bad dim sum sucks” because I can honestly say I’ve never had dim sum I didn’t enjoy somewhat.

But then again, I always have good people at the dim sum table, and, again, that’s what it’s all about.

Go have some dim sum. There’s never a bad time to do it. And then invite me. I’ll be there.

And don’t forget that your fortune cookie fortunes aren’t complete sentences until you say “in bed.”


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I collect stuff.

Over the past summer, I became a collector. I collect comics and Heroclix. (Hero-what? Keep reading.) I’ve always wanted a comic collection since I was a kid. I never got a chance to start collecting because I could never find a point to jump on to with all of my favourite story lines. I knew a lot about superheroes origins, villains, and some of their plot lines mainly because of cartoons. Batman: The Animated Series was my absolute favourite, but I made sure to always keep up with the likes of X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons as well. (Not to mention the video games I poured hours into also.)

I had some comics. My cousins were avid collectors, and I always looked up to my cousins, so I wanted to collect too. I had a couple of X-Men comics, some Spider-Man issues, the first issue of Venom, and a random Namor illustrated (and signed!) by Jae Lee. Other than that, I would just pick up the monthly issue of Wizard to try and keep up with the story lines the cartoons didn’t cover.

After a while, I lost interest in wanting to collect, but ever since Disney bought Marvel and started releasing better and better comic book movies, I wanted my own collection. And with Marvel Now! and The New 52 as new starting-off points coinciding with some spectacular comic book sales, within half a year (and counting) I’ve accumulated over 6 full-to-the-brim short boxes of single issues. And I’m loving every penny spent (albeit probably way too many pennies…or nickels…because pennies are gone).

It’s gone so far that I’ve also built a far-too-large side collection of Heroclix, a trading miniatures battle game that’s a combination of D&D, card collector games, and mini-action figures. It features Marvel and DC licenses, as well as movie licenses such as Lord of The Rings/Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, and much more. The game is a lot of fun, and the collecting is even more fun, because these little figures can be worth quite a lot. (And as that habitual completionist that I am, I love completing collector’s lists.) Plus the sculpts just look cool.

So now I’m a collector of what seems like a lot of superhero-related stuff. And I’m absolutely fine with that. I’m doing what every kid dreams of doing when they grow-up: never growing up.

Also, if you haven’t played Lego Marvel Super Heroes yet, why are you not playing it right now?



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And I missed it .

Yes, Free Comic Book Day came and went and I was empty-handed by the end of it because of work and rehearsal (but it was a very fun rehearsal, and I love playing music so no regrets there!), but this time next year, you can be sure I’ll be in line to get my fix of graphic novel greatness.

I’ve always loved comics, I’ve just never owned a lot of them. As a kid, I was a big fan of my cousins who loved comics and introduced me to superheroes and many other cool things at the time. So, of course, if my cousins loved comics, I loved comics. In fact, my one and only visit to a comic convention was at the invitation of my cousin. It was one of the most fun experiences I remember as a kid that didn’t involve an amusement park. I don’t recall how much cosplay went on back then, but I do remember the massive amounts of posters and action figures I wanted and, of course, the mountains of comic books. I remember leaving there with a short stack of books, one of them signed, and an X-Men anniversary poster that is currently to my left as I write this blog. (I had it mounted as I did most of my posters when I was a kid. (Ah, the perks of having a graphic designer mother with access to print houses and framers.) I still have those issues tucked away in a tin box at my parents’ house and have just recently acquired more over the past year or so to add to the collection.

For a while I was a regular Wizard subscriber. I originally read that magazine for the price guides, but then I realized it was a great way to catch a glimpse of what was happening in the comic world without having to dive into the comics themselves, which required money that I did not have at the time. See, as much as I love comics to this day, my problem is that I don’t know where to start. With a lot of the classic favourites from Marvel and DC, as much as I’d love to be able to start from the very beginning, that was not really a feasible option and still really isn’t one. Yes, the digital option is becoming more and more viable — I actually own upwards of 700 digital comics thanks to comiXology’s 700 #1’s giveaway — but then I find myself stuck between collector and reader.

I think my ideal would be to own the omnibus editions of a lot of series. As much as I’d like to be a collector, I don’t know if I could stretch myself any thinner to dive into another passion like that. (Remember that problem I have where I buy entertainment and never open it? I have comics that are already in that category as it stands.) I’d rather just enjoy the artwork and the stories of a series in one bound copy, as I do enjoy having the physical book in my hands. But the sheer amount of stories I want to read and get into are surely in the hundreds. (If only I could take a year off to just read. Sounds heavenly.)

I love comics. I love superheroes. I want to read all the stories. (ALL THE STORIES.) But I have no time because I have all these other wonderful things to do, daily.

Geekiest first world problem ever.

– Mickey

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Those compact days.

Time is a funny thing. We experience it so differently from moment to moment that sometimes events just blur together or inexplicably spread apart. We’ll recount things happening in different places, different dates, even with different people sometimes when we try to tell a story about it. It happens, it’s often time hilarious when it does, but it’s always intriguing and interesting how our mind can remember so many details but then mix and match them, seemingly at random, sometimes.

Today was one of those days where so many things happened that it feels like it happened over a span of a two or three days instead of just one. It was non-stop, moving from location to location, each one a different vibe and energy from the last (but thankfully all positive and awesome), and it was completely filled with things I love to do. Music recording session, theatre/dance rehearsal, an unexpected studio, friends at work, work itself, the movies, and a tough workout all happened in a span of about 16 hours. Surprisingly, it did not feel like a long day at all. I could feel a little lower in energy than usual near the end, especially through the workout, but overall throughout the day, I was feeling great.

And even though I’m a huge believer in time flying while you’re having fun, and today was a lot of fun, it didn’t just fly by. It wasn’t long, and it wasn’t short. (So it was just right, I suppose?) I’m not sure how to describe it. I guess you could say it had the right pace, overall. There were times where I felt like I had to race just a bit, but I can’t say that I ever felt the pressure of feeling rushed. It was as if I was in high-gear, but at my discretion only, and no one else’s, which would explain it never felt stressful or pushed at any time through the day.

What’s intriguing to me is that, looking back at the day now as I write it, it feels like I’m recounting my entire week. But the whole week itself was packed with interesting events. Today seems to push those events back even further into the past, but really they just happened a couple of days ago. Oh time, you’re so awesome, mysterious and weird sometimes. (Or at least my perception of you are those things, I suppose.)

Another random blabbering post, but one that intrigues me and also makes me realize that I love doing what I do, and I don’t mind packing all of that into one day and really getting the most out of my non-sleep time. (Speaking of which, I think I need more sleep, in general. I’ve got to find that balance!)

What’s that? You caught that I wrote that I went to the movies? Nice work. This is what I saw:

– Mickey

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The buzz of spring and summer.

I don’t know what it is right now, but in Toronto, you can feel the excitement of spring and summer. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so teased and tormented with cold days and snow in the middle of April, and now we’re feeling the reprieve. Maybe it’s because NHL playoffs actually mean something to us this year and we’re all excited to see our Blue & White back in the post-season. Maybe it’s just the sunlight and the warmth, but whatever it is, I’m glad it’s here.

I’ve posted about spring and all that I enjoy about it and what it brings. One thing that’s starting to happen, as it does pretty predictably every year, is that my project inbox starts to overflow. Offers start coming way, I start taking on interesting project posts from friends in need, and I really start to get the hard-working me in gear. I find that I’m more quick and agile at handling tasks when the sun is out. Even though I do most of my work indoors with pretty much no sunlight coming in, just seeing it during my commute and knowing that it’s warming up the day gets me energized to get work done. Maybe it’s because I just want to get out into the nice weather that I suddenly become better at finishing my tasks quickly with higher quality results, but either way, I’m at my most efficient when the forecasts are being friendly.

Of course there’s also spring cleaning that gets me going in these seasons. The renewal of spring is a beautiful thing and it usually means the re-organizing of my entire life, but a big part of that is the re-organizing of my room, workspace, and digital inboxes and storage. Part of that this year will be going through my closet to sift out the clothes that are officially too big for me now. I’m hoping that by doing this, it’ll force me to never go back to that bigger, much less fit, lazy guy who used those clothes. I’ll probably still keep the t-shirts and the hoodies, because I like having those pretty big and some of them are just too awesome to give away — I’ll keep them for my hip-hop self — but I’m pretty set on wearing those older (and also recently purchased) better fitting clothes. (It still hasn’t sunken in that the right shirt size for me is Medium. Jeepers.)

Keeping in line with the healthier, fitter, more athletic me, I’m ready to get into sports again. It has been far too long since I’ve played basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, and pretty much any other sport you can think of. I recently responded to a friend who was looking for a tennis partner and we’re aiming to play at least once a week. There was one year, a few years ago, when my brother and I learned how to play tennis — thanks, YouTube! — and we tried to play anytime we could. There were nights where we would play until the lights went out on the public courts. We even signed up for a winter tennis membership in our hometown so we could play in that big bubble dome. I always lost to him, but it has still been one of my favourite sports to play. (I’d like to think that I could beat him now, but I’ll wait for the end of this second go at P90X before I test out that theory. And yes, we really did learn how to play tennis from internet videos. We even took real classes afterwards and we were more advanced than what that instructor taught us.)

Excitement is in the air, folks. And it’s all because the sun is back in charge.

– Mickey

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