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Whoa, where’d you go?

Shhh, it’s okay, I’m still here, I’m still here. I haven’t forgotten about you and, more importantly, me and my blog.

Hah, could you imagine if I was that asshole? But seriously, I’m still here. And I’ve got posts for days. (Literally). I’d like to say it was due to a really busy week, but it really wasn’t. A couple of days were definitely too cold to do anything but curl up and watch Netflix. Yes, I could’ve written posts those days, but NETFLIX. Also Sherlock re-runs from…less than legitimate…downloads…but TV IN GENERAL. British TV in general. It’s just so easy to get caught up in it.

I was joking with one of my best friends that I’ve been watching so much BBC content continually that I’ll probably develop an accent. But I want it to happen over a long time. Slow play. So slow and gradual that by the time it’s a full-fledged English accent (complete with research on which street of which city of which region my accent originates from, thank you, Pygmalion) people will have thought that I’ve always had the accent.

That would be fun. I’ve mentioned before that I’m easily influenced by accents when immersed in it that I start to adapt the diction and inflections before the actual pronunciations of specific syllables with language. Then it just kind of falls into place, but in spurts. If I try to force it, it doesn’t stick as well. I can mimic fairly well, but to just know an accent, I’ve yet to try and work on that. I mean, I went to theatre school, but I wasn’t in the acting conservatory, so accents were not on my curriculum, specifically.

Whoa, that was a really random train of thought on accents. Mind Dump indeed.

Oh hey, I met Guillermo Del Toro today. Yes, that Guillermo Del Toro. I don’t like talking about work, or discussing where I work (and if I told you where I worked, you’d understand why immediately after jokingly — but not really jokingly — asking me for a discount on stuff, most likely) but essentially I helped him for an extended period of time and he’s a really nice guy. He’s in Toronto shooting at our very large soundstage by the lake, the same one where he shot Pacific Rim. Again, really nice guy, and it was pleasure meeting him.

And that was basically the highlight of my day and how I’ll always remember it: the day I helped Guillermo Del Toro.

Also, D&D is back! (But more on that later.)



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They Reminisce Over You. (T.R.O.Y.)

I like to look back at my past. I reminisce a lot. But it’s always from a positive place; it’s from a realization of the lessons learned. It’s never from a place of “what if”? I mean, that’s a great tool for writing lyrics, or stories, or dialogue, but really other than that, I don’t have any desire to think of how things could have been. It’s better to think of how things can be.

That can include many things, including planning, forethought, lists on lists on lists, and many, many post-it notes, or just conversations with your closest friends.

I’m blabbering. This is clearly a blabbering post. It’s been a long day.

Anyway, I read in a “Scientific American: Mind” article that it’s actually healthy to look back at the past. There’s beneficial reasons to be nostalgic. Today, I had the weirdest nostalgia hit me a few times, but I couldn’t pin point the memories those moments were tied to. I found that very familiar feelings of excitement, “butterflies”, and euphoria would pop in and out of my reality. I’d get glimpses of the memory, but then wouldn’t be able to grasp on to anything, other than the feeling and brightness of sunlight. Keep in mind, when I say glimpses and moments, I mean half a second has gone by. A sudden rush of adrenaline. A sudden increase in heart rate. As if my high school crush had walked by and smiled at me while I waved at her, not knowing what to say. Wait, was that it? I think that may have been it. Or maybe a weird culmination of every time that happened to me through my adolescence. But all in my head?

My mind is running. Heart racing. I’ve an idea of what this is all about, but maybe not. Damn it, ambiguous brain stuff.

Whoa, instead of this sentence that you’re reading, I almost gave away one of my songs for this Saturday. Surprises must be maintained. Sorry, family. 😉

I also literally sat here for five minutes, forgetting that I needed a photo to end it off.


– Mickey

(P.S. No, I did not just have chicken and waffles. This was from August. But now I kinda want some.)

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Sometimes I Think In Lyrics.

I really do. And it’s not that I’m thinking in rhyme, but there are days where words and sentences just wander into my head and turn themselves into lyrical structures.

Sometimes, it’s because I’ve just watched an awesome battle. Sometimes, it’s because my mind runs and runs. Sometimes, it’s because my mind stays still. Non-moving. Focused on one thing. One thought. Sometimes, one person. And sometimes the thought moves again. One future. One possible timeline. One person. Did I say that already?

Some days I have a song stuck in my head. Sometimes, it’s because I just have a song in my head. Or just one melody. Maybe a verse. And on some days, it’s that I’m making up a song, all day long.

But then there are days like today, where I’m in a mood. It doesn’t matter if it’s a light mood or a dark mood. The song creates itself in my brain space. And sometimes that song has no melody. And the lyrics float in the right order, but on ever-changing frequencies; a pattern ready to resolve, dissent, and resolve again.

And that’s today. The lyrics are written, but not yet in the open. That’s what happens next.

Sometimes in lyrics, I live. I think.

Hey, I love this cat. We used to be roommates.



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Cool. Coolcoolcool.

If I could magically become part of any cast, it would be Community. Obviously. It’s the exact reason that I wanted to become an actor: to play as all the things I wanted to be throughout my childhood. As a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. Then I wanted to be the president of Toys R Us so that I could play with all the toys in the store. Then I wanted to be a palaeontologist. Then I wanted to be world DJ battle champion. Then I realized that if I became an actor, I could be all these things at one time or another. (The DJ wish actually turned me into a DJ, though.)

I actually made that realization while still in the late stages of my childhood. At around that same time, I fell in love with improv via “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the original British version. And from that point on, my fate was sealed: I would learn and then teach, play in, and coach improv workshops and teams. It was the cause of many, many favourite high school memories and experiences. It also made me know that my post-secondary education would be focused on performance.

And that led to the most influential years in my life at York’s theatre program, the relationships from which would be the most important in my life. I found my passion. I found my networks. I found my collaborators. I found my best friend, my family.

And if I could take all of those friends I loved creating work with and put them in one project, I’d want it to be Community.

That’s October 19th.

Also this is what I’m watching right now (with commentary!)



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Spaghetti Dinner.

That was a tiring day.

I think I just wasn’t ready for it. I was thinking today would be a lot less hectic, and was completely on the other end of the correctness spectrum on that thought. Anyone who works retail and doesn’t expect a full house knows what I mean. I just wanted to sit down. And eat some spaghetti.

My parents gave me an unexpected care package after I gave them and the family a dim sum late lunch. It was some mango juice, orange juice, garlic bread and my Mom’s spaghetti sauce.

For those who don’t know, my Mom’s spaghetti is my favourite dish of all time. I love Italian food, have had genuine Italian spaghetti from my Italian-born friends’ parents, aunts and uncles, and nothing beats Mom’s. I’m also addicted to garlic bread. (Insert Scott Pilgrim reference here.) So naturally, knowing that this was waiting at home made the second half of the work shift much easier to get through.

And it was delicious. I definitely ate too much of it, but based on how much better I feel now, I have no regrets.

Change gears. I played guitar and piano for two straight hours last night. It felt so good. I’m performing at The Central on January 12th, so I’m practicing up to make it the best acoustic set that I can. I’m thinking I’ll do some covers, a few originals, and just endlessly and adorably apologize throughout. Works for me. (Join me if you can!)

Shift. I keep getting distracted in daydreams. Thoughts of a possible future. A timeline that I want to exist. A universe where I find…

Sorry, another daydream. The more I do it, the more I’ll remember to remember. Or reveal.

Whoa, this shit just got Ryan Gosling…dreamy. (Zing!)

And now, an iPhone photo that proves I drive through the universe of The Walking Dead.



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Act 1, Scene 1, Take 3. And action!

And we’re here. It’s time to get busy living (thank you, Morgan Freeman and the writer who gave you that gold). So let’s do this.

I pretty much outlined, kind of ambiguously, as I do, what this year has in store. So I’m going to use this third shot at a 365 to do what I originally wanted to with this blog: dump whatever is on my mind onto type. I mean I called it Mind Dump for a reason, so why not follow through?

So here we go: I’m really glad I spent my NYE as I did. I spent the morning working on my web stuff and figuring out a really soulful chord progression on piano from a SNL opening featuring Bruno Mars. If I could play for the SNL house band, I don’t think I’d ever leave. One of my goals in life is to learn the closing theme to SNL — “A Waltz in A” by Howard Shore (yes THE Howard Shore) — because it’s got so much soul. I should probably add it to the vision board.

I spent the rest of the daytime with my roommate, Emma, watching Community Season 2 commentary. Hilarious, as expected.

Had a quick FaceTime chat with my blood family to wish them a happy celebration (and to let them know I’d be hopping around the city), including my niece Isabella who is my littlest best friend and whose laugh always makes me laugh, even if she’s under the weather.

Then I made my way to my best friend’s place (my family!) for a quick hangout over real champagne. Yup, she’s a classy lady. (Well, at least when she’s making selections at the LCBO.) I was really happy to be able to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with her for the first time ever. It’s almost always a staple to spend both with my relatives, but she really is my family, so it’s about time she was part of that tradition. She’s kind of the greatest.

After that, I was off to a small party across town. I had a great time with some friends from work. They really are like another family as well. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them outside of work, but when we do party, it’s like I’ve known them since high school. We had the countdown, lots of hugs were shared, lots of beer, fake champagne (sorry, after having the real deal, it’s gotta be said, haha), liquor, dope beats, drunken freestyles, and beautiful girls wearing unicorn head masks. Proof? Check my Instagram (@troysteel).

And now I’m finishing this post in the parking lot of a dim sum restaurant where I’m about to treat my fam.

Day 1: you’re already awesome.



– Mickey

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Day 9: What’s going on for 2012?

Dance. Yup, that’s what the big thing is for me in this new year. I was recently in a show called “Enter The Shadow: The Life of a B-Boy” and working with amazing b-boys — shoutouts to the Supernaturalz, et al. — and it has put me over the inspired edge to learn how to breakdance. I mean sure, I’ve tried to learn in the past, specifically in grade 9, but I only got as far as up rocks and six-steps. (I did a freeze once, but it resulted in a scrape when I did not know how to properly unfreeze. What can I say? I was so surprised that I pulled it off, I totally blanked on the dismount. Haha.)

So, of course, that means I’m looking at some better “stay-fit” strategies, especially if I don’t want to hurt myself during my learning experience. My first instinct is to just jump back onto the P90X train once again. I enjoyed the two weeks I got through when I first got it — remember, I’m totally bad at this whole “doing one thing everyday” deal — so I’ll likely try to see the whole thing through. Being fit, slimmer, and stronger has been a goal of mine for years — I’ve always been a bit on the heavy side since I was in grade 3 — so I know what I’m in for and what my limits are. And knowing those things, I’m looking to break past those limits like some sort of limit…breaker…(NERD ALERT: FINAL FANTASY VII).

But yeah, I’d say that’s probably THE biggest thing I’ll be doing in 2012. It was only a matter of time, really, considering that I’ve explored all of the arts to varying degrees already. Dance was inevitable.

Don’t have anything super long to write about right now. I’m about to jump in to some MW3 with some co-workers of mine and probably be really horrible at it. But I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you all about tomorrow or sometime after that. Again, I’m still trying to get better at that game, so I think I need to watch more video of actual pro players. Or at least, beasts of players, pro or non-pro.

Sometimes, I need better things to write about. But who cares? I’ve got to keep it up and write anything, anyway. Who knows what’ll stick to the idea wall down the road? No one right now, but future someones. Yes. All the future someones.

Daily treat time:

Go here – http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

If you ever need to buy me a present, this is my wishlist FOR LIFE. (You’ve been warned.)


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